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Art of the Pie Day The Art of the Pie official book release day is tomorrow October 4th—kind of a birthing day for me. I’m hearing from some that their books have already shipped and they will be receiving them tomorrow. Folks are posting photos of book sightings in places as far a field as Andover and…

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Autumn Approaches

A slice of pumpkin bread and a huge cup  of coffee can break the spell of a cold morning..

1 espresso shot

coconut milk

maple syrup

Warm coconut milk.  Combine with espresso shot.  Add 1-2 tsp of maple syrup.   Enjoy a cozy morning..

Apple & Spice Protection Spell

Apple & Spice Protection Spell

In  autumn our thoughts turn to pumpkins & ghostly visitors.  To make sure the ones who visit you are friendly.  Chant this spell on the full October moon.  Follow the recipe and make your charm.  The one below is mine  I encourage you to alter until it is your own and your energy permeates it and the air that surrounds you.


1 cup of apple cider

1 spoonful honey

3 sticks of cinnamon

9 cloves

Combine together and warm on stove or over fire and as you stir chant ” Apple strengthen me,  honey sweeten life, cinnamon protect me, cloves cleanse me“.  As soon as it is fragrant remove from heat and pour into clay or wooden crock.  On a full moon night- chant 3 times your charm of making then take a small sip then take your potion & anoint your entrances- chant 3 more times  and  anoint the four corners of your property ending with your charm 3 more times


“By the power of three

I ask of thee

To join

with me

bless  home and

garden with honey &


let kindness

welcome good

let those

with evil

flee, as they


I’m sure your rhyme will be much better than mine.  Believe in your magic, believe the universe will do as you ask!

A Mug of Cheer on Samhain

A wonderful witches brew sure to warm the cockles of a cold heart.

3/4 c cold milk

1/4 c half & half

1/4 tsp almond extract

1 envelope Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate

1 Tbsp Butterscotch or Caramel Topping

Real Whipped Cream

Scald milks.  Empty envelope into mug.  Pour into mug hot milk.  Stir til blended.  Add almond extract.  Top with whipped cream & drizzle topping on top.  Serve immediately.  1 Serving.

Hello world!

Welcome to my cottage.  You are always welcome.